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How to Create a Standout Bass Line

Learn how to create a standout bass line from musician Sam Lipman in this Howcast slap bass lesson.


Hi, my name is Sam Lipman. I am a multi-instrumentalist. I make records and I will be releasing my first solo debut record a for aphorisms. Check it out at We are going to be playing some slap bass. One of the things we do not want to do is slap bass. It is doing exactly the same as the drama, so when our drama is playing um, ka, um, ka we do not really want to play that. Occasionally we do, but to create a stand out bass line we want to get away from what he is doing. The best way to do this is syncopation or as my friend tells me put it where it ain't. So what I am going to do is create the same example, our drama is playing like that so we are going to play around the drama, we are going to go. Okay, you see how I played after and before the down bass. Okay, another way is to use to register the high end of the bass the low end. Using out minor pentatonic scale, we can hammer, all over the bass we can get up high, that is a standout bass line that uses the whole register and occasional use of it is a nice way to stand out too. Remember you never want to over do it, nobody likes a show off.

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