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Song Structure & Chord Progression for Slap Bass

Learn about song structure and chord progression from musician Sam Lipman in this Howcast slap bass lesson.


"Hi, my name is Sam Lipman. I'm a multi-instrumentalist. I make records and I will be releasing my first solo debut record here in the fall called 'A' for Aphorisms. Check it out We are gonna be playing some slap bass.
I want to use a 12 bar blues format here. First I'm going to play it straight up so we got - it's going to be an A - and here's our first accord. There you have it: a 12 bar blues.
So now we're going to look at how we can use some of our Slap techniques in the same song structure; okay, ""Walk up"" like that, ""Walk up"". So that was a way of using Slap techniques in a 12 bar blues. You can apply these to any accord-structure, any song 'cord-progressing, you want to. It's just a matter of getting familiar with the roots of you 'cords, how to approach them: for example I used a ""Walk up"", right there. We went from an A up to a D and then I Slapped my way up there; and I can ""Walk"" back down; I can ""Walk"" up to the E and I used that double stop for the E-cord at the end of the blues.
These are things you can explore and have lots of fun with."

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