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How to Create a Groove

Learn groove construction from musician Sam Lipman in this Howcast slap bass lesson.


"Hi, my name is Sam Lipman. I'm a multi-instrumentalist. I make records and I will be releasing my first solo debut record here in the fall called 'A' for Aphorisms. Check it out We are gonna be playing some slap bass.: advanced slap bass, groove construction. So, in this segment I want you to imagine that your thumb and forefingers, these, are like a drum kit. OK? Your thumb's going to be like a kick drum; and forefingers going to be like a snare drum. So, when you think of a basic rock beat, which starts with a kick drum. Toom tuck toom tuck. And we're going to create a groove like that. OK. The Queen song, We Will Rock You. Toom toom tuck toom toom tuck. OK, there's a groove right there. So, by imitating drums and drummers we can come up with grooves. By implying syncopation, we can get away from what the drummer's playing and create tension which resolves back. OK. I'm syncopating that pop. Let's look at chords in a good R&B groove. You always have a chord progression, usually going away from r root up to the four chord and then back to r root. For example. [playing bass] OK. That's R&B. And then in a punk kind of setting, we want to create a texture of madness. [playing bass] OK. Same kind of deal, except we're just throwing a whole lot of notes in there. So these are some typical grooves that we see in slap bass. Keep on slappin'!

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