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How Does Weather Affect Saltwater Fishing?

Learn how weather affects fishing from Captain Layne Wagner in this saltwater fishing video from Howcast.


"Hi, my name is Captain Layne Wagner of Hawk One Charters. I've been a captain for over 40 years. I've fished all over the world and now I'm up here in Long Island, New York. You can find me online at Hawk One Charters, I'll be talking to you today about saltwater fishing.

Weather conditions, tidal conditions, moon phases all have a lot to do with fishing, fresh water and salt water. But in salt water the weather plays a great role, you have to be aware of which way the wind is blowing, which way the tides going, so you can set up your boat the proper way to handle those conditions. You have to be able to put yourself over the fish in order to catch it, otherwise you'd just be out there spinning your wheels. You can leave the dock and it could be sunny and 80 degrees, by the time you get to your fishing area it's blowing 10, 20 miles an hour, what are you gonna do? Turn around and go back, no I wouldn't but you have to do is know how to handle these conditions. You have to put your bough into the winds, see which way the boats gonna go. If it's an incoming tide you're in great conditions if the winds going with it. If it's wind against tide it's very tough conditions, you just have to learn the proper ways of handling different conditions

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