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What Is the Concatenate Function in Excel?

Learn about the concatenate function in this Howcast Excel tutorial with expert Shir Moscovitz.


Hi, my name is Shir and I'm the founder and CEO of where we focus on converting the existing data from your business into massive savings and extraordinary profits. Today we're going to learn the basics of Excel. Let's get started.

So what is the CONCATENATE Function? Well, quite simply it combines different values together into one spot. So let's take a look. If I want to take values A,B and C and put it all together, I can do it manually or I can use this Function. I'm going to start with "=" CONCATENATE and as soon as I see that it has the Function I want I am going to hit TAB so it AUTOFILLs for me. I'm going to then use the keyboard to go to the left and reference CELL A5. I'm going to hit comma to go to the next string, comma again and comma again as I choose all these Values. I'm going to hit closed parentheses ")" and it's going to do my ABCs right there. I can do the same exact thing. I'm just going to COPY and PASTE that Formula down so that it combines the numbers and even these decimals which now look a little more like an ip address.

We can do it incorrectly if we choose the CELLS in this fashion - notice that it's the colon (:) so it's the range. This will actually not work. We are using, misusing this Formula so don't do it that way. Make sure to put the references or the values with commas in between.

For more information, go to the INSERT Function button. Type in CONCATENATE, yeah you know what it is. Type in CONCATENATE. Hit ENTER. Make sure it's highlighted. Click on Help on this function. Brings you to an article with plenty of information as well as lots of examples and different rules to follow. And that is the CONCATENATE Function in EXCEL.

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