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How to Move Quickly within a Worksheet

Learn how to move quickly within a worksheet in this Howcast Excel tutorial with expert Shir Moscovitz.


Hi, my name is Shir and I'm the founder and CEO of where we focus on converting the existing data from your business into massive savings and extraordinary profits. Today we're going to learn the basics of Excel. Let's get started.

So you might think you know how to move within a WORKSHEET but now we are going to go over some quick tips on how to move very very quickly within a WORKSHEET. You can use the mouse and SCRL up and down vertically or use the SCRL bar over here. You can do the same thing horizontally. But if you want to move a little bit faster you can use the keyboard.

Now, if you want to go to the very top left of the SPREADSHEET - instead of going all the way to the left and all the way to the top and then clicking here - a shortcut for that is to simply press and hold the CTRL key and then press HOME that brings you to the very top left of the WORKSHEET that you're working on. If you want to go the very bottom right of the WORKSHEET, it's the same concept but instead of doing HOME, you do press and hold CTRL and hit END and that brings you to the very bottom right of the WORKSHEET.

Another way to move around very quickly is to use the CTRL key and then use the directional arrows to jump to the next CELL where there is data in it and after that it stops. So basically, instead of moving with the arrow one at a time, you can jump to the very end using CTRL and the directional arrows. If you were to delete this information from here using the DELETE key - if you then used the CTRL+right you would stop over here because there's nothing in this CELL. I can then jump to the next CELL with contents and then the last CELL that has contents in it over here.

Another option is to EDIT the contents of a CELL. You can double click like so and then make changes. And you can also do that up here on the FORMULA BAR. This is always an option to make changes here. Once you make changes you must hit the ENTER key on the keyboard or the TAB key in order for those changes to take effect. If you make a change that you don't like, you can hit ESC
to cancel that.

Another thing you can do - choose the CELL that you want, hit the F2 key on the keyboard which now brings you in EDIT mode, you can make changes here and press ENTER to have them take effect.
And that's how you can navigate quickly within a single WORKSHEET in EXCEL.

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