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What's the Offset Function in Excel?

Learn about the offset function in this Excel Howcast tutorial with expert Shir Moscovitz.


Hi, my name is Shir and I'm the founder and CEO of where we focus on converting the existing data from your business into massive savings and extraordinary profits. Today we're going to learn the basics of Excel. Let's get started.

SO now we're going to talk about the OFFSET Function which is essentially a way of referencing a CELL but move to the side a specific number of ROWS and COLUMNS. So here's what I mean. Let's take a basic way of referencing a CELL using the "=" and then we're going to use the mouse to click on CELL C7 and hit ENTER. That gives me the contents of CELL C7. So if I change this to Jackson, it also changes over here. If we use the OFFSET Function, we type in "=" OFFSET and we do a reference starting with this spot which we know of, comma for the next argument and see how many ROWS do you want to move, either plus or minus, comma, how many COLUMNS do you want to move, either plus or minus and then we'll close parentheses ")" there.

So what we'll do is we'll add in the number of ROWS - so since we're starting from this point - G6 - I want to go down one ROW so I'll put 1 over here and I want to move to the left 1,2,3,4 so I'm going to do -4 and that brings me the same contents as this reference. The difference now is if I insert a new COLUMN here in between these references, the original reference does not change. But because the OFFSET Function is in use it still starts from - let's take a look - the same spot but there's now a new COLUMN in between so it still goes to the left 1,2,3,4 spots which is now a different CELL. And those are some of the basic features of the OFFSET Function in EXCEL.

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