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What Is Excel?

Learn what Excel is in this Howcast Excel tutorial with expert Shir Moscovitz.


Hi, my name is Shir and I'm the founder and CEO of where we focus on converting the existing data from your business into massive savings and extraordinary profits.
Today we're going to learn the basics of Excel. Let's get started.

So what is Excel anyway? Excel is what I like to call "CRAP." And that stands for a tool for Calculating, Recording, Analyzing and Presenting Data. So what I'll do is I'll show you a few examples of what Excel can do for you.

Here we have an iPad2 purchase analysis, right? What can we purchase along with our iPad2? Here's a price breakdown. The source. Some information about what we want to purchase. We also have a nice subtotal. A little formula there. We'll go over that later. Some tax. And a total. We can see which iPad2 to purchase.

I am going to go over to another example over here for an income statement for a basic calculation. We have time up here, the month, and we have income and expenses with subtotals over here at the bottom. A basic calculation on a spreadsheet.

Go to another example. To a log of all the hours that we have worked. We have the clients over here, the date worked, a whole bunch of information about the person and the type of work along with the hours, the rates, the taxes etc... Here's our log itself.

Now we are going to the analysis of it. Over here I am going to find the different numbers here for the hours worked, the hours billed, gross income, the percentage of the whole, etc...
We had a lot of different things showing here. We can analyze specifically what we earned from each client.

To present this data, we can go specifically into earnings by client. And see that, in fact, client #5 has given us the most money. We can see over time another kind of presentation here. We've seen throughout we've earned this amount over here. And we can even choose by month
and analyze just the earnings in January compared with 2010 and 2011. We can even go further and look at the location where the work was done as well as a payment method and a breakdown of each. So that's some of the "CRAP" Excel can do for you!

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