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How to Say Animals in English

Learn the English words for animals in this Howcast video tutorial with expert Megan Brach.


My name is Megan Brock. I've been teaching English as a second language for four years. Learning English isn't fast, nor is it easy, but I'm going to help you get started. Are you ready? Let's learn English.

Now let's learn some of our favorite animals, in English.

Dog. This is a dog.

Cat. This is a cat.

Pig. This is a pig.

Horse. This is a horse.

Cow. This is a cow.

Snake. This is a snake.

Monkey. This is a monkey.

Penguin. This is a penguin.

Rabbit. This is a rabbit.

Turtle. This is a turtle.

Now go to the zoo, and point out your favorite animals.

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