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How to Use Facebook: Setting Up an Account and Profile

Learn how to set up a Facebook account and profile in this Facebook tutorial.


Let's get started by setting up your Facebook account and profile. So, first we're going to navigate to Facebook. Sign-up is pretty simple. It shows you right here on the right-hand side. And since I already have a Facebook account, I'm going to set one up for Howcast. You simply put in your email, then you confirm it. This is where all your friend request, messages, etc. will go. It's asking me for my birthdate. We're going to sign up. Ok, the Captcha just makes sure that you're a real person. I always have a little bit of a hard time with this one, so hopefully this will work.

Great. It's already asking me how to find more friends, but we'll get into that later. We can skip this step, right here at the bottom, on the right-hand side. Put in Howcast and it brings up the company and I don't have a photo yet, so I can take one off my webcam. There I am. Ok, I'm not crazy about that picture, but for time's sake, we're going to use it. Save and continue. So, now people can find me and they can recognize me by my picture up here on the left-hand side. I'm going to tell it a little bit about myself, so it's just another way for people to find me.

Okay, so there is your profile. Now, you're all set to find some friends.

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