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How to Use Facebook: Friend Requests & Friend Finder

Learn how to send friend requests and use the Facebook friend finder in this Facebook tutorial.


Here's how you can find and connect with your friends on Facebook. The first way is to go to the icon on the upper right hand side, click "Find Friends" - this is going to search through your email, it just depends on which email carrier you have. Or it can even search through your Skype. I'm going to show you how to do it through your email. I'm going to type in the email address and click "Find Friends." The next page will take you to ask you for your password. It's not going to save your password, it's just going to use it to retrieve the information in your address book on your email account. The other way to search for friends is to go to the top handle here in the middle, and type in your friend's name. I'm going to look for Ben from Howcast, there he is, and click "Add friend" and push "Send request" - it's going to confirm that the request has been sent for his approval. I'm going to send Ben a message just to let him know that it's me requesting him, telling Ben that I just got on Facebook. And hit send. So now I just have to wait for Ben to confirm the friendship and when he does it will show me a little icon here on the globe to let me know that we're friends on Facebook now. And you can see the one up here, that's a notification for me, and it's telling me that Ben has accepted my friend request. So now I can see his profile. Now it's up to you to find your friends on Facebook.

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