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How to Move from the Bar to the Dance Floor

Learn how to move from the bar to the dance floor with a girl in this Howcast club dancing video with expert Tweetie.


What up bra! My name is tweet boogie I represent the south Bronx. Had my first hip hop crew at 14. Done some work with Jay Z,Mary J. Blige, Destiny's Child traveled all over the world, cuz i teach hip hop culture and right now I'm about to teach you some dances for the club, let's get started. Moving from the bar to the dance floor, seeing us at the bar, I'm waiting for you to ask me " hey you wanna go to the dance floor? but I don't want you to ask me cause it will ruin the moment, wait for the perfect song, it may not be even the perfect song, but wait for that song where you see the body language is going. Body language is everything, body language can say look I don't really want to dance with you now, you know when somebody backs up from you and they turn their back, they don't want to dance with you its the same thing, you are standing there I'm standing here that song comes on, she's gonna move, that song comes on your gonna move, it should happen naturally not " hey hey so you want to go to the dance floor? " she's like eeuuww no I don't like this song then she's upset you feel awkward and then she dont even want to be near you. So forget about it, wait for the body language. Hey it says it all trust me she will let you know.

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