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Most Versatile Dance Moves

Learn the most versatile moves to any dance in this Howcast club dancing video with expert Tweetie.


What up y'all my name is Tweet Boogie I represent the south Bronx, had my first hip hop crew at 14, done some work with Jay-Z, Mary J. Blige, Destiny's Child. Travel all over the world cause I teach hip hop culture and right now I'm ready to teach you some dances for the club. Let's get it started. So guys are you ready? Specifically, specifically for the fellas are you ready? I got the most versatile, versatile dance move for you. I got it. You ready for it? You ready? Are you sure? Okay the most versatile club move that you could ever do at a party is absolutely nothing. Find a female, a female that knows how to dance on a dance floor. She looks good and she looks good and everybody wants to dance for her but she shutting people down that's the one you try to go for. When you go dance with her, keep it simple. Men all you have to do is follow the female. We're gonna make you look good. We can look good, you could be in a T and sweats and you look good because you got a good looking female with you. That is the most versatile dance move you can do. Its probably nothing at all. Let the female do the work, she wants to do the work. Even if she's not sweating like crazy she's gonna make you look good because she looks good. Y'all look good together. bada bing, bada boom you're done. That it. That's as versatile as it gets.

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