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How to Do a Side Look Dance Move

Learn how to do a side look dance move in this Howcast club dancing video with expert Tweetie.


Word up Ya'll my name is Tweet Boogie, I represent the South Bronx, had my first hip hop crew at 14, I've done some work with Jay Z, Mary J Blige, Destiny's child, travelled all over the world because I teach hip hop culture and right now I'm ready to teach you some dance style for the club, lets get it started, so the next move that I'm going to show you is called the side look, pretty, pretty easy, really basics, you don't have to feel like I don't know anything and I don't want to look a hot mess on the dance flour so let me show you what it looks like first, side look, side look, side look, pretty simple you want to look in the direction that your going in, you want to take your arms bring them to about your shoulders, good, the opposite direction of where your going so if you step into the right and your looking to the right, boom your arms are going to be away from your body so they should go opposite direction to the left, look to the side good, bring your left foot to you and your arms center again, boom, your going to take the left foot, step to the left, arms are going to go opposite direction, boom to the side and then bring them to the center again, boom what you looking at, try it again, so you have side look, side look, side look, side look, make sure when you step that you bang your knees because you don't want to look like this OK and you can snap at the same time so you have step, snap, always snap on the two and one two and one two, alright you can't do this with no music, where is my DJ, oh they playing my favorite song again, I want to be cute, no sweat no tears, five seven slow step, look , step, look, step look and side, look, side, look, away from the body. So now were going to speed up the tempo OK let's see, are you ready? I hear my song five, six here we go five, six, seven, eight one, two, three, four, one, two, one, two don't forget to step and snap on the two, boom, boom you can even take a low and bring it back up, good side, side, side look, side look boom and there you go, basic, basic side look step.

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