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How to Forward Shimmy on the Dance Floor

Learn how to do a forward shimmy on the dance floor in this Howcast club dancing video with expert Tweetie.


What up ya'll? My name is Tweet Boogie. I represent the South Bronx. Had my first hip-hop crew at fourteen. Done some work with Jay-Z, Mary J Blige, Destiny's Child. Travel all of the world 'cause I teach hip-hop culture and right now I'm ready to teach you some dances for the club. Let's get it started. So now I'mma teach you a basic club move and we're gonna call this the forward shimmy. It looks like this: boom, boom, step, and step forward, boom. Let me break that down to you. So you take your left foot and you step forward--boom. As you bring your right foot forward you're going to bend your knees and bring the right foot forward. So--Boom. Now you're going to take the right foot step back--boom, two. Try it again. So take your left foot forward--boom. Bend your knee--boom. Bring your right foot to your left foot. Bring it back. One foot at a time. So now where does the shimmy come in? So the shimmy comes in when you step back and when you step forward. So let me break down the shimmy. Shimmy, shimmy shimmy shimmy. All it is is that your shoulders are coming forward. Not like this. So, forward, forward, forward, forward. Now this is not a feminine dance and it's not a masculine dance but I'mma show you two different ways. For females--boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom. Keep your arms down--boom, boom, boom. One and two and three and four, five and six and seven and eight. So you can look cute; hair doesn't sweat out; you're good. Now males, you might not want to shimmy so much but just enough so the female can feel like ya'll are doing the same dance and you like "Oh my God we look so cute together." So, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom. You might wanna lean back and that'll be more of the males. Boom boom. Make sure you're looking at her in the eye when you're coming forward. And shimmy shimmy shimmy. Ladies, shimmy a little bit more. You wanna put that arch in the back--boom boom. But now we're going to try it with the music. DJ! Uh-oh. They playin' my song. So here we go. So five, six, slow, seven, eight and one and two and three and four, five and six and seven, eight. Ladies don't stop shimmying. Shimmy shimmy shimmy. So here we go. Five six seven eight. One two three four five six seven eight. One two three four five six seven eight. Keep your shoulders going! You can keep your arms and keep your hands on your thighs and bring 'em up. Bring 'em out! Good! There's your forward shimmy.

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