How to Do a Step-to-Back Dance Move

Learn how to do a basic step-to-back dance move in this Howcast club dancing video with expert Tweetie.


What up you'll? My name is Tweet Boogie. I represent the South Bronx. had my first hip-hop crew at 14. Done some work with Jay-Z, Mary J. Blije, Destiny's Child. Travelled all over the world 'coz I teach hip-hop culture and right now I'm ready to teach you some dances for the club. Let's get it started. So, now you're going to do your basic two step, step to the back. So we're gonna take our left foot and we're gonna step, then you're gonna bring you're right foot behind you and you take you're right foot, bring it equal to the left foot and you're gonna take you're left foot and bring it behind you're right foot...step to the back. Good!. You're gonna take your left foot, bring it center even with your right foot again and then step again..Boom! You want to bend your knees a little bit, not so much where you lunge, but you want to bend your knees just a little bit so you get that little bounce. So I'm gonna try it a little bit faster for you. So its step to the back, step to the back, step to the back, step to the back, and step to the back, step to the back, step to the back, step to the back, Boom! So now that we're done, we're gonna drop the beat with my DJ, so we can get it cranking. Hey!, so you're gonna bounce a little, are you ready? Here we go! Let's go and 5,6, 7, 8 step back, step back, step back, step back, step back, step back,step back,step back..oooohh...so now you can get a little spicy with it. You just don't have to go from side to side, you bring the foot back, you let'em know I'm about to get it started but I'm just warming up for you. Aaay! Aaaay! Good! and there you have it, Side step to the back.

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