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How to Use American Slang at a Restaurant

Learn how to use American slang at a restaurant in this Howcast ESL video with English teacher Megan Brach.


"My name is Megan Brach, I've been teaching English as a second language for four years. Learning English isn't fast nor is it easy, but I'm gonna help you get started. Are you ready? Let's learn English.

Here are three useful slang expressions you can use at a restaurant. First, ""on the side"", which means when you want something, put on the side. For example, I would like a salad with the dressing on the side. Next is ""Go Dutch"" Go Dutch is when everyone pays for their own meals separately. So for example, my co-workers and I always go Dutch. And last ""is on me"" which means you are paying for the meal. For example, it's your birthday so lunch is on me.
And those are three useful slang expressions you can use at the restaurant.

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