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How to Use American Slang on Vacation

Learn how to use American slang on vacation in this Howcast ESL video featuring English teacher Megan Brach.


"American Slang: On Vacation

My name is Megan Brach. I've been teaching English as a second language for four years. Learning English isn't fast, nor is it easy but I'm going to help you get started. Are you ready? Let's learn English. Now I'm going to give you three useful slang expressions you can use on vacation. First, is B and B. B and B stands for bed and breakfast. It is a hotel that serves you breakfast. So for example, you might like to stay at a cute B and B on the lake next time. Next, is hit the town which means go into town. So for example, after you unpack, you might want to hit the town. And next is booked solid. That means that there are no rooms available in the hotel. So you might find that every hotel is booked solid on the holiday weekends. So these are three useful slang expressions you can use on vacation."

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