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Best Knockouts in the UFC

Learn the inside story of the best UFC knockouts from kickboxing champion Phil Nurse in this Howcast video.


My name is Kru Phil Nurse. I run a Muay Thai-style fighting gym in New York City called The Wat. We have some of the world champion fighters that trained at The Wat. If you want to find out more about The Wat, you can contact us at Today we're gonna be talking about the UFC. Great knockouts. There's a lot of great knockouts out there. Some of the knockouts I've looked at and thought were really cool knockouts personally for different reasons. One of them was one of my fighters who I trained Georges St-Pierre. When he knocks out Matt Hughes and when he won the title. I think it was UFC 65. On that fight Georges looked low and kicked high. So it was very deceptive. You know he had been kicking Matt Hughes into the leg earlier in the fight he looked to the leg again which made Matt Hughes think he was going back to the leg and then he switched it to a high kick which to me is perfect technique. It was a great set up cause that's you know. Sometimes in fighting the better you can set a technique up the easier it's going to work, but just the deception of looking low made Matt Hughes think he was kicking low and then he kicked high. One further not far from that just to look at one of my own fights where I used the same kind of style, what Georges used in that fight on my European fight. I'm not sure the year, but when I fought my European title I knocked my fighter right in the last round with leg kicks. So I was in the left stance and I was putting pressure on him, putting pressure on him and I did that and the echo from the noise and just that I hadn't done anything that made my opponent like freeze for a second. But I only needed a second. I knew what I was going to go straight after he did freeze so as he froze then I stepped him in the left kick. Took both of his legs out and he sat down that was that. I won the fight. Technical knockout. He couldn't stand up.

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