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What Are the Best Beer Bottles to Use for Home Brewing?

Learn about picking the best beer bottles to use when brewing beer at home from home brewer Chris Cuzme in this Howcast video.


Hi, my name is Chris Cuzme. I am a long-time member and current president of the New York City's Home Brewer's Guild. I've been home brewing since about 2001 and I love it. I'm crazy addicted to it and I'm happy to share it with you today. I'm also part of the New York City Degustation Advisory Team which I formed with my partner, Mary Izett, And I'll be showing you how to home brew today. Cheers!

What are the best beer bottles to use when bottling a beer? There is no best beer bottle with one caveat: don't use clear bottles or green bottles. What happens when you use these bottles is it allows UV-AB rays to get in and interact with the hops.

When you hear the term skunked, basically that means light-struck. And what's happening there is the hops are reacting to the UV rays and they're creating the same chemical that comes from a skunk's spray. So that's the meaning of skunked. It has nothing to do with the beer getting hotter or colder. That's an entirely separate issue.

But brown bottles, no matter the size, are the best bottles to use for making beer. And you can buy them totally clean, but you always have to sterilize them. But it's better to just drink your own beer; go buy a bunch of craft beer, drink them, sterilize them, and then use them for your own beer. It's cheaper and it's more fun.

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