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How to Kick for UFC Training

Learn some awesome kicks from kickboxing champion Phil Nurse in this Howcast UFC training video.


My name is Kru Phil Nurse. I run a Muay Thai-style fighting gym in New York City called The Wat. We have some of the world champion fighters that trained at The Wat. If you want to find out more about The Wat, you can contact us at Today we're gonna be talking about the UFC.
Kicking and leg kicks, using your legs for legs strikes and things, it's a big part of your arsenal. You want to be able to utilize your limbs. And your legs are a little bit longer than your arms. As a boxer you've got this reach. As a kicking, using your legs, you've got a lot longer of a reach. As I'm doing the kick I'm going to start rotating my heel on my left leg. And then I'm going to slightly lean back so that my hip starts coming into play with the technique. And then, another part of it that sometimes people miss out, I'm gonna to use my arm. My left arm with my right kick. My left arm starts to rotate, and as that pulls my shoulder back, that generates a little bit more power into my kick. What I'm hitting with, is my shin. I'm still trying to hit with my shin. Be it a low kick, a middle kick, or a high kick, I'm always trying to hit with my shin.
The first thing I'm gonna do is I'm gonna start turning my left leg. And I'm gonna come up onto my toe, and as that leg turns, my body has to follow. As my body starts to follow, I'm gonna start pushing my left shoulder back and my left arm starts to drop slightly. And it's gonna make a circle, like this, and come back to my face. Remember, I've gotta maintain covering myself. I want my heel to be facing Nicholas by the time I hit him. So, leg first, then the arm, shoulder's gonna start moving back, and then the last part of it is my hip. It's gonna come around into that leg. Here, and hit, and into the leg. Now, then, I want to bring this back exactly the same way it went in. Back here again. This pivots in, this comes back. I broke this one into paragraphs since it's a bit long.

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