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How to Wrap Hands for UFC Training

Learn how to wrap hands properly from kickboxing champion Phil Nurse in this Howcast UFC training video.


My name is Kru Phil Nurse. I run a Muay Thai-style fighting gym in New York City called The Wat. We have some of the world champion fighters that trained at The Wat. If you want to find out more about The Wat, you can contact us at Today we're gonna be talking about the UFC. Wrapping your hand for places you want to support, I am supporting my wrist, supporting my knuckles, the back of my hand, and the thumb. If you can get these 4 places covered, you are pretty much good to go. The way I am going to show you does not mean you have to do it this particular way, it is just another way of using it. So, the loop is on the wrap you just put that on your thumb. First of all, it will come to my wrist. I would like 2 rolls on my wrist, then I am making it across the back of my hand, then I go for my knuckles and then back across the back of my hand again. I will go one more across my wrist, so I am just feeling it getting firmed in. Now straightaway from here what I am going to do is start to wrap to my fingers and try to support the thumb. Now, you don't want to make it too tight, you don't want to cut off your circulation, you just want to have supports, your hands covers you, if you are punching you want to have support with this. Now, I am making going back across my hand and this bagginess here I am going to try and tighten that up by going back on my knuckles here and we are going to get back across and I start to feel pretty firm, going back across there and I am going to make a little bit more padding on the knuckles so I go down, bring it back if you want to have, if you have to do this thing on your own, you just hold it with your thumb, take it back, bring it back, now you made a couple of layers there, you slip your thumb out and just take it down, you got a little bit more padding across the knuckles there, then I am going to come back across, back on the back of the hand and then to finish off I am going to come right onto the wrist and with the Velcro piece at the end it is tattooed and ready to go.

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