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How to Use YouTube: Descriptions and Annotations

Learn all about YouTube video descriptions and annotations in this YouTube tutorial.


YouTube lets you add descriptions and annotations to your videos. You click your user name then you should see your accounts settings pop up. Click videos, it will take you to the videos you have uploaded. Then you click edit to the video of your choice. Then you should see the description tab pop up on your left hand side and your video to the right. You can add any description here to further tell people about your video. You can go to annotations and add an annotation. All right. So an annotation is a way to show people more about your video or add a link to it. So we click add annotation. I like speech bubbles. You can move the speech bubble over to your mouth if you'd like. Here you can enter your text. Then in order to add a link to your video, you go down and then you click the link button. Now that's how you add descriptions and annotations to your YouTube videos.

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