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How to Use YouTube: Uploading a Video

Learn how to upload a video in this YouTube tutorial.


All right. Here's how to upload a video to YouTube. So, you go to the upload tab, click it. Next, you'll see upload video -- click that as well. So you can go to wherever you've posted your video on your computer. Mine is on the desktop. So, I'll click my video, click open and wait for it to upload. In the meanwhile, you can change the title of your videos, so I'll change it to my name. Then you can add a quick description, some tags which will help people to find your video a lot easier. So happy, smile, laugh. Then you can go to categories, choose whichever category you wanna put it in -- comedy. Why not? You can make it public, private, unlisted. Then whenever you're done, click save changes, and it's saved. My video is uploaded and now they are processing it. In the meanwhile you can play tic-tac-toe, you can text a friend. And now I believe it is finished. Excellent. So you have this link here that you're able to share to all your friends. You can copy it and paste it to their websites or their Facebook, or you can just click it to see it for yourself. All right, so there you go. Now you're all set. That's how you upload a video to YouTube.

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