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How to Use YouTube: Sharing and Embedding

Learn how to share and embed YouTube videos in this YouTube tutorial.


Let's go over sharing and embedding your videos on other websites, like a blog. So, you choose your favorite YouTube video that you wanna let everyone see. My favorite is, "How to make a dissolving bikini" as a prank. So, you click the video and you go into it - I'm gonna pause so I can show you. Click share. Now this is a quick URL that can be used that can let people come right to the site. You can post this on your Facebook, your Twitter, or your blog. These quick tabs here are also ways that you can share to your Facebook or Twitter. All you have to do is click, and boom, it's there. So if you wanna go more in depth, you can embed your video into a website, like a blog. Now you can choose through sizes as well. You can make it 1280 by 750, 853 by 510, 640 by 390, or 560 by 349. Click here and it'll automatically copy it for you. You can right click, copy, or cut. I like to cut just to make sure I've got it. And then go to your website and paste it. So there! That's how you can share and embed videos from YouTube.

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