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How to Use YouTube: Creating an Account and Account Settings

Learn how to create a YouTube account and set up your YouTube account settings in this YouTube tutorial.


Okay, let's get started with YouTube by creating an account. First you click the "Create Account."
You're going to have to provide an email address, today we're going to use ""Howcastdemo.""
Now your user name is very important, because this is the name that everyone is going to know you by, so don't pick anything corny, make sure it's cool so everyone will know "You've got to see his videos, because he's cool."
Our user name is "howcastdemo" because that's cool. Now you're going to add in your postal code, date of birth. Let others find your channel on YouTube if they have your email address. This is important because it allows all your friends who already have your email address to find your channel. Next, you have to make sure you agree to the user agreement, so click the box and scroll through. Alright - now when you're finished, you just click Accept. If you have a Gmail account, you can link it to your new YouTube account. It's not important if you don't have a Gmail, you can use any other email account. So now we're going to log into our Gmail account, and then we're going to link them. So anytime we log into our Gmail, our Youtube account will be automatically logged in too. So now I'm going to show you how to set up your user profile photo. Everyone's going to see this, so make sure it's a good one. Go to "Settings", click "Change" by the blank photo, click "Change picture," "Upload an image" so you can just browse through your computer and find a photo you like. The next step will be to save changes, and it will upload a picture for you. So here you can have a description of yourself, and use the other boxes available on this page to tell people more about yourself to become more involved with the YouTube community. So now you can get started sharing videos.

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