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How to Use Skype: Profile and Privacy Settings

Learn how to set up your Skype profile and set Skype privacy settings in this Skype tutorial.


Now, let's go over controlling your profile settings in Skype. You click the "Skype" tab, go down to "Preferences." Click that. So, you can click the "General" tab and you can go down - you can click, if you'd like, "Check for updates automatically," "Show status in menu bar," even set your iTunes song as your mood message, and you can clear recent conversations when you sign out. You can also set where you'd like your downloads to go.

You can also change your "Privacy" settings. You can go to "Show my picture to" whomever you'd like. "Allow calls." You can basically set it so that certain people can get in and certain people can't.

Then you can go over to the "Calls" tab, and when you get incoming calls you can either "Answer automatically," "Do nothing," or "Forward calls" to your cellular device.

You can go over to your "Messaging" tab to also personalise that. You can let people see your Skype name, or your mobile number.

Then you can head over to "Notifications." When you sign in to your Skype, it can play a certain sound, if you'd like.

Then you can go over to your "Audio/Video." You can check to make sure your camera's working properly. Yeah, I think that's working just fine.

And over to the "Advanced" tab for the advanced Skype users who can "Use Skype Access to connect to Wi-Fi hotspots" or display any technical information you need.

So that's how you can control your Account Settings and your Privacy Settings on Skype.

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