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How to Use Skype: Contacts

Learn how to find online Skype contacts in this Skype tutorial.


Alright, let's go over managing your contacts on Skype. So you click the "Contacts" tab, oh but you see that I already have two people on added, but I'm still going to show you how to add new people. So you go to the "Add Contact" button and then you can search people by their names, usernames or even their email addresses. The problem is a lot of people have the same names so make sure that you're adding the right person. And when you find whoever you are looking for, click the name, hit the "Add" button and make sure they've been added to your contacts. Alright, so once your friend has accepted your friend request, you can chat with them by clicking the this blue tab, there's a video callback between cameras, or just make a simple phone call by pressing the phone button. So that's how you add and manage your contacts while using Skype.

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