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How to Use Twitter: TweetDeck and Other Third-Party Twitter Apps

Learn about TweetDeck and other third-party Twitter apps Twitter tutorial.


Twitter doesn't have to be something that you just use on There are a bunch of different third-party applications, normally for free, that make your life a lot easier when using Twitter. I like to use TweetDeck. So I am just gonna go to to show you what it is all about. So I just got to and as you can see it is showing you all the different places you can use it - on your desktop, your iPhone, your iPad, your Android or on different browsers like Chrome. You simply download it for your desktop and it's going to show you an icon that will pop up any time one of the people you follow tweets about something. So that's TweetDeck. But there are a bunch of different third-party applications that you can use on your desktop or you can download to your smart phone and keep up with Twitter even on the go.|

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