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How to Use Twitter: Getting More Followers

Learn how to get more Twitter followers in this Twitter tutorial.


Getting more followers on Twitter isn't as difficult as it seems, here are some tips. Some pretty basic things to it, you want to tweet well and tweet often. We've already gone over that a little bit but to review: it's quality with your tweets and be concise. Also, if you retweet others or other popular members they might be more inclined to retweet you to their followers. And also follow people who follow you; it's kind of like a community online so you want it to be a conversation in all forms. Tweet during peak hours when people are awake, and can retweet what you're saying, and also to have a voice or specific niche. You can add your twitter URL to your email signature or on your facebook wall or any other social networking sites that you may have. Remember you can always post pictures too. So I'm actually just really quick going to retweet somebody that I think is cool. I like to do that just to show my followers what, kind of, I'm speaking specifically about. I tend to speak about human rights, about women's issues, so I'm re-tweeting NobelWomen, and its very simple. It's going to show me that I retweeted it and then I can undo the re-tweet if I change my mind. One more thing is to make sure that you write up a good bio, so you go to your profile page right here where it says profile. You can edit what is said right here. I've included what I do and then another additional link about me, but if you look at other people like SomalyMam here, this is her bio she's an anti-slavery activist and survivor fighting for all victims all over the world, so other people know that if they're following her she's going to speak specifically about anti slavery issues and that she is a survivor of sex trafficking. Here's how many followers she has and how many people she's following. So there you go, hopefully these tips will help you get more followers on Twitter.

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