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How to Use Twitter: Posting Pictures

Learn how to post pictures in this Twitter tutorial.


Let's go over using hashtags in Twitter. Hashtags are either the pound sign, the number key, but in the Twitter world it's a hashtag and it looks like that (#). You can already see some down here below, digiphile, Alex Howard, has one #civicmedia and #newschallenge. So if you wanna know more of the topic, simply click on it. Everyone else who is talking about that has the hashtag right before "newschallenge." These are all the other profiles who have spoken about it. So it seems a little confusing, but it can actually be really helpful. Say that you have an event going on, and you want all of your followers at the event to talk about it, you'll just ask them to use a hashtag and then, say, "Conference2011," and it will come up in the news results just like the other one did. So, hashtags are a great way to search for what you're interested in. For example, I'm really passionate about human rights, so I can either put "#humanrights" here at the top, and search for it, and it will show me all the top tweets of everyone else who's talking about human rights, or I can go to a third party website like I can either type in "humanrights" here, or I can check it out here at the bottom because these are all the popular trending topics. So it's gonna show me what percentage it's being chatted about, and then who's talking about it here under "user," and what they're saying. And if I want to, I can check out their profile, to see what they're all about. So that's hashtags.|

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