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How to Use Twitter: Setting Up an Account

Learn how to set up a Twitter account in this Twitter tutorial.


Setting up an account is really easy. I'm going to show you how. You're going to go to, which you'll see here in my URL, and you're going to go to the right-hand side where it says "New to Twitter? Join today!" You can enter your full name, or if you have a business, you can enter that instead. I'm going to simply type the name and then your email address that you'd like to use, and password. I like to use letters and also numbers just in case. Click "Sign up" - great. So our Howcast name looks good, meaning that nobody else has that username. This is the email that they're going to confirm us with. My password is all right, and this is my username. So as you can see, they've just taken out the space for the username. If you want to change it though, you can, and here's suggestions right below it. So all you're going to do is click "Create my account" and you're done. I'm not going to create my account today because I already have an account, so I'm going to go up to the very top and click "Sign in". And here's my Twitter account profile page. So that's how you set up an account on Twitter.

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