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How to Use Twitter: What Is Twitter?

Learn what Twitter is in this Twitter tutorial.


Hey guys. Ok, I'm gonna show you what Twitter is. Now Twitter can sometimes be somewhat intimidating, but I promise you it's super simple and super easy. It's basically a micro-blogging site and it updates in 140 characters through something called "Tweets". Go to "" and I've already brought it up here on the screen. If you're just getting started and you wanna see who's out there and what they're talking about, it already shows you right here at the bottom of the screen some examples of Twitter profiles. Why don't we put in "Obama"? Let's see what he's talking about. So it's gonna show me everyone who's talking about Obama here on the screen, and then on the right hand side, it's gonna give me a bunch of different options for who President Obama's profile is. There are a lot of people who use fake names, and that's why you see this little blue check here to the right, which tells me that this is definitely President Obama's profile page. And you'll see down here that he has showed us a video on his second tweet. Watch the video here. Now the link looks a little weird, and it's because Twitter has to change what the URL looks like in order to get it under that 140 characters. So if you just clicked on it, it takes you right to his campaign page. Now Twitter has over 200 million people, so if you wanted to search for somebody else, let's say Queen Rania, and here she is. In this column to the left, this is what people are talking about. Somebody quoted her, there's a Facebook profile for her, and if we click on that it's gonna take us right there. And there she is! So say that you just wanna update your family members, they can sign up to follow you and you can privatize your tweets. Or if you are someone who is in the public sector and you need to have an audience, and speak to your audience, then you can easily do that as well. And that's what Twitter is. Twitter is super easy and super simple. It's easy to get started and we're gonna show you how.

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