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How to Use Facebook: Friend Lists, Unfriending, and Blocking

Learn how to create friend lists, unfriend someone, and block people in this Facebook tutorial.


If you'd like to make your profile a little more private, it's pretty easy. You're going to go to your account over here on the right. Go to privacy settings. An it's gonna give you a few different options. And you're gonna say "Customize Settings." And here's where you can say "Everyone," meaning all of Facebook can view posts by me, or just your friends, or customize. And you can create a list, or say only me, and you can even hide it from specific people. For example, I wanna hide posts from Howie. So I simply click "Save Settings." So you can do that with all the things that you share on Facebook—family, relationships, even your albums. If you would like to edit your friend list, it's pretty simple too. You're just gonna go to edit friends here under "Account Settings," and click "See All Friends." I don't have that many at the moment. But say I wanted to un-friend Howie. All I'd have to do is click this X and click "Remove Friend." But if he was really bothering me, and I wanted to completely block him, which not only cuts your friendship but also eliminates him from being able to see anything. You'd click "Report/Block This Person." It's going to give you the option to un-friend, like we already saw. To completely block him, and then it's going to ask you why. Let's just say that he's annoying me. Continue. Great. So now Howie is blocked from me. So now say you wanted to change your block list. You've reconciled with Howie. You're gonna go to account settings once again. Privacy settings. All the way down to the bottom where it says "Block Lists," "Edit list of people blocked." And right here, here's Howie. And I decided I wanted to be friends with him. So I'm gonna unblock and confirm. So once you've unblocked them, it doesn't mean that you're friends yet. You actually have to go back to their profile and friend request them once again. Rather than un-friending people that you don't want to interact with, maybe you just want to interact with them a little less on Facebook. And you can do that. All you're going to do is go to "Find Friends," it's gonna bring up all the friends that you have, and create a list. So I'm just gonna say that I want to create a Howcast list. I'm gonna select Ben for it. Great. Using lists is a great way to control what kind of access certain people in your life have. For example, you can control what your work sees on your profile, what your family sees, and what your friends see. It's a great way to privatize, without having to de-friend everyone in your life.

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