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How to Use Facebook: Links, Photos, Videos, and Tagging

Learn how to post Facebook links, photos, videos, and how to tag and untag in this Facebook tutorial.


You can customize your Facebook profile by adding links, photos, videos, and tagging your friends. Now we're gonna post something on our wall. It's pretty simple. You can post a photo, a link or a video. If you want to post a photo, just simply click "Upload a Photo." You can take a photo with your web cam or create an album.

I'm just gonna upload a photo from my desktop. There I am. And I'm gonna say, "Here's our shoot." There you go. There is my photo. And if I want to tag myself in it... Now I say "Done Tagging." So it's gonna show me that it's me in the photo.

Now if I want to add a link, all I have to do is type in which link I would like to share. And it will give me an option for thumbnail. I don't really want to use that one. I like the water melon. Or I can just say ""No Thumbnail"" and share it on my wall.

The same thing goes for a video. I can record a video with my webcam or upload a video like I did with the photo from my drive.

That's how you can share photos, links or videos on Facebook.

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