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How to Use Facebook: Privacy Settings / Apps, Games, and Websites

Learn how to set your Facebook privacy settings regarding apps, games, and websites in this Facebook tutorial.


Now you can control what kind of access other applications, games and websites have to your Facebook profile. Go to "Account" settings, "Privacy Settings" and right up here at the top, "Control basic information your friends will use to find you on Facebook." So right now my setting is so that everyone can search for me. Or, I can change it to "Friends of Friends" so only friends of friends will be able to find me on Facebook. And, if I don't want everyone sending me friend requests, just "Friends of Friends" once again. You can go through this and make it very, very private. And then preview it by typing someone's name in. See, they won't be able to access it because they're not my friend. There are a lot of different applications that access your Facebook profile and make sharing online pretty easy. But if you want to privatize those, we're gonna visit "Privacy Settings" once again. Go all the way down to "Edit your settings" and this is going to show you what applications you use. At the moment, I don't have any, but if I did, they would be listed here and they would ask me what kind of authorizations I would feel comfortable with. You also have to concern yourself a little bit with what applications your friends have. For example, right now I'm sharing everything. Say you don't wanna share "My video links," "My notes," "My photos," and "Hometown," I would just click whatever I felt comfortable with again and "Save Changes." Also, if I didn't want game or application, I'd say "Only Me" and save settings. So there you go, that's another way to keep information private.

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