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How to Use Facebook: Privacy Settings / Connecting and Sharing

Learn how to set your Facebook privacy settings regarding connecting and sharing in this Facebook tutorial.


Lets go over how to control who you connect with and what you share on Facebook. Again we are gonna go to the accounts section. Go to privacy settings. And scroll down. It already gives you a few different options. You can say everyone can see everything. Just friends can see your status, your bio. Or and then your friends only can see your very personal information. Or just your friends. They even recommend a few different options for you but we are gonna customize. So in order to customize, click Custom and then go down to Customize Settings and then its gonna list what you would like to see. For example, I don't mind if everyone sees all the posts I have but I do mind if they see my relationship status. I also want to edit privacy settings for existing photo albums. So its gonna take you to my one photo album since I have only photo at the moment. And I am gonna say that only friends of friends can see my profile picture. Go back. And now I can preview the profile as my friends will see it. Since I only have Ben as my friend at the moment. This is what he is looking at when he sees my profile.

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