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How to Use a 25-foot Bay Flats Boat by Sea Chaser

Learn how to use a 25-foot Bay Flats Boat by Sea Chaser from Captain Layne Wagner in this saltwater fishing video from Howcast.


Hi, my name is Captain Layne Wagner of Hawk One Charters. I've been a captain for over 40 years. I've fished all over the world and now I'm up here in Long Island, New York. You can find me online at Hawk One Charters, I'll be talking to you today about saltwater fishing. I'm sitting on the deck of my 25 ft sea chaser bay flats boat. I use this boat for inshore waters, when we're fishing backwater fluke, stripe bass, weakfish or any assortment of fish. The reason that this boat excels is that it's able to go in shallow waters. It's equipped with a 225 horsepower outboard engine. It has a depth finder fish finder on board so we can actually see how deep we are, where the fish are, the bottom structure and it's also equipped with a GPS unit which will actually just be able to tell you where you are at any given point within a 3 ft radius. This way you're not going to get lost at night because you can actually see where you're going in the dark by trusting your electronics and following the track that you put in on it. The reason that I use this boat for my clients is because it's a totally open boat, wonderfully equipped for fishing. It goes in shallow water and it has no draft and all open space so you can cast without any worries. It's all safety equipped. It has a livewell, a trolling motor in the front, full electronics, all gauges, and there's no obstructions here. Plus you can get in out of the rain under my tee top. It has what we call rocket launchers up top where we put 4 poles, 2 rod holes on the outside and 3 on each side to keep them out of the way. It's an excellent boat for saltwater fishing. We're up north, here in Long Island and I put it on my trailer and I take it down to Florida in the winter. This boat goes with me everywhere I go.

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