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How to Pick a Piercing Studio

Learn how to pick a piercing studio from professional piercer Owen Beane in this Howcast video.


Hello, I'm Owen Beane, I work at Chameleon Tattoo in Cambridge, Massachusetts. is the website. Chameleon Tattoo's been here more than 10 years, but ten years as such with tattooing, over the last 14 years I've been doing body piercing here in Cambridge and I'll be talking to you about piercings today. What you want to know when you're, when you're picking a piercing, shop. First of all you just wanna see that the place is well lit and clean, visibly. You know, no carpet and no like noticeable grime hanging out because that's a bad indication that the rest of their operation is also dirty. If you're, if it's you're first time going in there, you want to ask to see the sterile room and make sure that they have a steam heat sterilizer, an autoclave, on site. And if you ask to see a sterile room and they, and you're met with resistance, that's not a good shop to go to. So you wanna be able to see an autoclave if you so desire, because that's where all the jewelry and the needles are packaged and sterilized that's gonna be used on you, and so you have a right to see that. And you wanna be welcomed you know. You wanna feel like, like it's an open environment and, and you can walk in and really ask any questions you have and, and feel okay about that.

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