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What Is a Monroe Piercing?

Learn all about a Monroe piercing from professional piercer Owen Beane in this Howcast video.


Hello, I'm Owen Beane, I work at Chameleon Tattoo in Cambridge, Massachusetts. is the website. Chameleon Tattoo's been here more than 10 years, but ten years as such with tattooing, over the last 14 years I've been doing body piercing here in Cambridge and I'll be talking to you about piercings today. What you need to know about a Monroe piercing is that placement is key and the goal with Monroe placement is to make sure that you put yourself in a position long-term to avoid gum, teeth damage, gum erosion being the most important one to avoid. So you want the piercing to be a little on the lower side closer to like the lip-line rather than the smile line. The jewelry length is very important. You have to have jewelry that is long enough to allow for swelling for that's going to happen, which you later switch to a shorter size. The side on which you get it done honestly, is a decision best made without thinking about it too much, that's what I always tell my clients. It doesn't actually matter. You want to just try and listen to your intuition on that and just choose whichever side feels great to you without over thinking it. And of course, you can ask the piercer if they have advice for you on which side to get it done. In my experience, the less you think about it the better.

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