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What Is a Labret Piercing?

Learn all about labret piercings from professional piercer Owen Beane in this Howcast video.


"Hello, I'm Owen Beane, I work at Chameleon Tattoo in Cambridge, Massachusetts. is the website. Chameleon Tattoo's been here more than 10 years, but ten years as such with tattooing, over the last 14 years I've been doing body piercing here in Cambridge and I'll be talking to you about piercings today.

What you need to know about a Labret piercing is that a labret piercing is actually just a lip piercing using labret jewelry, so people end up calling it a labret piercing but it's actually just a lip piercing. The labret refers to the actually jewelry itself, like the stud. Most of the time when people refer to it as the labret piercing is the one in the center here, but you can really put it wherever you want, on the lower lip and it's still just a lip piercing using a labret jewelry. Once again the placement is really important you don't want it to be too low, because you have risk of gum erosion and gum damage and you don't want it to be way too high, like in the red part because you have a whole separate set of risks with that. The jewelry length is really important, you have to make sure that it's long enough to allow for swelling initially, and of course you shorten it later. And if you're choosing which side, once again there's no significance to either you really just want to choose without thinking about it too much and you can always ask a piercer if they have an opinion, but you really just want to fire away and choose whichever side you want or the center, whatever. And as long as the placements good and the jewelry's good you got nothing to worry about

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