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How to Care for Exotic Pets with Squeals on Wheels

Learn about the Squeals on Wheels traveling pet zoo and its owners Jill and John Phillips, two of Howcast's exotic pets experts, in this video.


Hello, my name is Jill Phillips and I'm a co-owner of Squeals on Wheels. My husband and I own a travelling petting zoo and pony rides. We share that responsibility and fun with our five children: Chelsea, Tyler, Grant, Raquel, and Marlena. My name is John Phillips. We're located in Potomac, Maryland. We service the area around Washington D.C., northern part of it, into Virginia, and the greater part of Maryland. We've been at this business for over five years right now. Our website is We travel to different events. Birthday parties, special events. We bring our animals to these locations. There's nothing greater than seeing the smile on children's face the first time they ever pet a duck or one of the other animals. We're very proud that we recently received the Best of D.C. Birthday Parties for Animal Lovers, Birthday Parties for Children in the Washingtonian magazine. We have several different types of animals. We have horses, miniature horses, very small miniature horses, goats. We have miniature llamas, alpacas. Chickens, ducks, pigeons, reptiles. We have bearded dragons with big beards and gigantic teeth on their mouth. We have iguanas. We have lots of different animals, and we love to share 'em, and today, we'll be talking to you about small pets. Yes, we will

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