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How to Slap Bass in Rhythm & Blues Style

Lean how to slap bass in a rhythm and blues style from musician Sam Lipman in this Howcast video.


"Hi, my name is Sam Lipman. I'm a multi-instrumentalist. I make records and I will be releasing my first solo debut record here in the fall called 'A' for Aphorisms. Check it out We are gonna be playing some slap bass. The key element to rhythm in blues is gona be space [plays guitar], lots of space [plays guitar]. Okay so lets look at blues, the rhythm in blues, chord progression [plays guitar].Rhythm in blues has its very own vernacular, its own language, and you'll hear lines like [plays guitar], lines like that are very lyrical in nature they almost sound you are singing, you're gona throw those to your R&B bass playing [plays guitar]. Marcus Miller is probably the best to look up for that style.
Some of my favorite artists to listen for R&B is Sly and the Family Stone or Stevie Wonder, Funkadelic and aslo some more modern people like Anita Hill is great at, lots of great R&B plays in her records."

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