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What Is a Lionhead Rabbit?

Learn what a lionhead rabbit is from the animal experts at traveling petting zoo Squeals on Wheels in this Howcast video.


Hello, my name is Jill Phillips and I'm a co-owner of Squeals on Wheels, a travelling petting zoo and pony rides. My name is John Phillips. We have horses, miniature horses. We have miniature llamas and alpacas. Chickens, ducks. We have bearded dragons. Our website is Lionheads got their name from the circle of long hair that they have around their face much like a lion does. They are a cross of numerous breeds to include, we believe, the Swiss fox, rabbit, the Belgian, and maybe even a little bit of Jersey Wooly. Their breed was first noted around the mid-'90's in England. At some point, there was a genetic mutation when they crossed these different breeds that created this very long mane around the face. They're very sweet rabbit. They're usually small thought, right now, because they are a new breed of rabbit. They come in a variety of colors and also, different sizes. They are a little bit more work because you do have to groom these lionhead rabbits. Um, usually have to trim the fur around their rear end because little poops can get stuck on that long hair and you have to also, keep that mane nicely groomed but a lot of people find it very therapeutic to be grooming a rabbit so, it's kinda fun to have a lionhead.

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