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How to Get Started Bodybuilding

Learn how to start weightlifting from expert Skip La Cour with this Howcast bodybuilding video.


My name is Skip La Cour; I am a 6-time national champion, drug-free bodybuilder. You can learn how to improve your bodybuilding and training efforts by visiting my websites,, And today I'm going to talk to you about bodybuilding. Here are some greats tips to help you get started with your bodybuilding and training efforts. You want to join a gym. A gym provides a great environment for you to learn and grow from. A gym also has a wider variety of machines and weights for you to choose from. Consider getting a mentor to help you with the process. Invest in a trainer so you don't have to reinvent the wheel and figure everything out for yourself. Get yourself a training partner; someone who's experienced and wouldn't mind helping you learn the ropes, learn the whole process. Create structure. You want to find a routine you can work with and remember that routine does not have to be perfect. Just get started with the process and you can learn from your experiences and make adjustments from there. It's very important that you backup what you do in the gym with great nutritional habits. It really doesn't matter if you train like an animal in the gym and you're very consistent with your workouts if you don't back that up with great nutritional habits. So pay a lot of attention to your eating habits. Be patient. When you follow through with your weight training habits, with your workouts on a consistent basis, when you follow through with your eating habits your gains will come when they should come. So be patient with the process. When you do all those things you're going to enjoy the journey. When you enjoy the journey there's no doubt you'll be better at it. Again, have fun with the process. Those are some of the basic tips on how to get started with your bodybuilding and training efforts.

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