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How to Bench Press More Weight Fast for Bodybuilding

Learn how to bench press more weight fast with expert Skip La Cour in this Howcast bodybuilding video.


My name is Skip La Cour; I am a 6-time national champion, drug-free bodybuilder. You can learn how to improve your bodybuilding and training efforts by visiting my websites,, And today I'm going to talk to you about bodybuilding. Here is some tips on how to bench press more weights fast. The first thing you should do, is only train, only do your bench press once a week. Wanna make sure that you work hard train with intensity and make sure you give your body, your chest enough time to full recover before you train it again. So, train ONCE A WEEK. Next thing you wanna make sure that you do is you want to make sure you warm-up sufficiently before you challenge yourself. At the same time, you wanna waste a lot of time, energy and effort warming up. You don't wanna do a lot of warm-up sets, you don't wanna do a lot of warm-up reps. And you wanna use a lot of weight when you warm-up because you wanna use that energy when you tact yourself on a heavy challenging sets. You also should get aspire to help you with lift-up and to just be there for little bit more sure and confidence. So that you can mentally challenge yourself to lift more weight, get that momentum, get that confidence and also feel that safety. You also wanna document your progress and use that documentation to set goals. Really think big and really challenge yourself! And note there some basic tips on how you can bench press more weight fast.

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