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Do All Bodybuilding Champions Use Steroids?

Learn the truth about whether bodybuilding champions all use steroids from expert Skip La Cour in this Howcast bodybuilding video.


My name is Skip La Cour; I am a 6-time national champion, drug-free bodybuilder. You can learn how to improve your bodybuilding and training efforts by visiting my websites,, And today I'm going to talk to you about bodybuilding. The question is often asked do all bodybuilding champions use steroids. The simple answer is no. You can develop an awesome physique without steroids. It will take time. It will take work. It will take dedication. And there are bodybuilding contests that are specifically designed for drug-free steroid-free bodybuilders so, you can become a champion in those bodybuilding contests. Now look, let's face it. At the elite level, there are contests that produce champions that aren't so strict with the testing but, if you want to become a bodybuilding champion without steroids, it is possible with hard word, dedication, an unbelievable set of standards that you're working towards and you enter the right contests, you can be a bodybuilding champion without the use of steroids.

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