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How to Buy Bowling Shoes

Learn how to buy bowling shoes from world record-holding bowler Byron Toth in this Howcast video.


Byron: My name is Byron Tost, I'm owner and operator of Tost's Score More Pro Shop, located here in Score's Fun Center in Painesville, Ohio. I'm a world record holder. I have multiple 300 games in the 800 series and I'm here to talk about bowling.

Bowling shoes come with varying styles and price ranges. For the casual bowler, you want to select a shoe that is comfortable, stylish, and cost effective. Now the casual bowler will select a shoe like this, that has a sliding sole on both shoes. The downside of this is that you might lose a little traction on your non-sliding foot. But, this feature allows the shoe to be less expensive.

For the more advanced bowler, you'll select a shoe that is also comfortable but has a sliding sole on the sliding foot, and a traction sole on the non-sliding foot. This gives you a little more power going into your slide. For the very competitive bowler, the tournament bowler, you'll want to select a shoe likewise, it has a traction sole on the non-sliding foot. It also has interchangeable soles, and interchangeable heels.

When you're bowling in different bowling establishments with different lane surfaces and approach surfaces, or in tournaments, you might need, based on weather conditions, humidity, temperature. You may need to go to a sole that slides less, or a heel that slides less.

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