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How to Pick Up a Spare in Bowling

Learn how to pick up spares from world record-holding bowler Byron Toth in this Howcast video.


My name is Byron Toth, I am owner/operator of Toth's Score Mor Pro Shop, located here in Score's Fun Center in Painesville, Ohio. I'm a world record holder, I have multiple 300 games in 800 series and I'm here to talk about bowling. I'd like to give you some helpful hints on how to make your spares. There are a lot of different systems for making spares, you need to come up with one that is consitent with your game.

My personal preference is, I use, I'm right handed, I use the third arrow from the right as my target, my pivot point. When I have a pin, say ten pin, it's far to the right, I move my feet far to the left, I throw the bowl over the third arrow and allow it to come in, carry the ten pin out. If the pin is on the opposite side of lane to the far right, say the seven pin, I move my feet to the far right, I throw the ball again, over the third arrow, and I allow it to hook into the seven pin. Any pin in between, you adjust your feet, just adjust your feet accordingly.

Say the six pin, move a little bit back to the right from the ten pin position, throw the ball over the third arrow, and allow it take out the six pin. Some people like to use the fourth arrow, my personal preference is the third arrow. But keep one thing in mind, straighter is greater. If you have a plastic ball that doesn't hook much or you have the ability to get a hand position that flattens out the ball and throws it straighter, you'll increase your spare percentage if you throw the ball straight at the spare. You take all the lane conditioning out of play that way. Hopefully, this will increase your spare percentage and increase your score.

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