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How to Find Your Strike Line in Bowling

Learn how to find your strike line from world record-holding bowler Byron Toth in this Howcast video.


My name is Byron Tost, I am owner/operator of Tost Scoreboard Pro Shop. Located here in Score's fun center in Painesville, Ohio. I am a world record holder, I have multiple 300 games and an 800 series and I'm here to talk about both.

I'd like to demonstrate to you how to zero in and find your strike line. When you first come out to bowl after you've warmed up, take a spot on your approach where you start your feet, and get a target mark out on the lane and throw the ball over that target. As I show here on the red line, if you throw the ball over that target and it misses the 1-3 pocket on the right, move your feet over to the right a little bit more. Set your feet, throw over the same target and throw the ball. Let's assume that this time, it misses the 1-3 pocket too far to the left. Somewhere between those two spots on your approach is where you want to be to hit the 1-3 pocket. After you've made a couple of adjustments and found that spot, you should be able to set your feet on the approach, throw over your target area, and the ball will roll right into the 1-3 pocket. That's how you find your strike line.

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